Social inclusion for young people: breaking down the barriers

The European Youth Partnership - a cooperation body between Council of Europe and European Commission - has published key findings from a research seminar on the theme of "Social inclusion and Young People". The articles included give a picture of the forms of social exclusion affecting young people nowadays and provide evidence of the progress of strategies to promote social inclusion.


1. Social inclusion and young people: breaking down the barriers
2. Social exclusion and young people: some introductory remarks
3. Disadvantage in youth transitions: constellations and policy dilemmas
4. Poverty and youth transitions in Europe: an analysis of the European Communities Household Panel
5. Depending on their parents: risks of social exclusion among youth in north-western Spain
6. European policies on social inclusion and youth: continuity, change and challenge
7. Is there a pedagogy of social inclusion? Critical reflections on European policy and practice in school-to-work transition
8. Educated, (un)employed, activated, included - "participated"? Contradictions in supporting young people in their transitions to work
9. Monitoring policy development in the field of education for active citizenship
10. Kurdish women in Sweden: a feminist analysis of barriers to integration and strategies to overcome them
11. Success stories? Roma university students overcoming social exclusion in Hungary
12. Racialised identities: the experiences of minority ethnic trainee teachers
13. Social exclusion or alienation? Understanding disability oppression
14. Social inclusion, young people and sexual health: what are the links?
15. Fostering social inclusion through a change of language education policies: lessons from Luxembourg

Book cover

Helen Colley, Philipp Boetzelen, Bryony Hoskins and Teodora Parveva (eds): Social inclusion for young people: breaking down the barriers. Strasbourg: Council of Europe 2007.
ISBN: 978-92-871-6100-0

The book can be obtained through every bookshop or at the Council of Europe online bookshop.

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