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Three members of UP2YOUTH have been invited to a hearing of the Federal Youth Curatorship, an advisory board of the German Federal government on the 14th of February 2008 in Berlin.

Under the heading ‘Towards a coherent youth policy: present tasks and future Challenges’ the Curatorship debated the state of youth policies in Germany. Three UP2YOUTH members contributed to the hearing with the following presentations:

  • René Bendit: ‘Growing up in public responsibility: Youth Policies in Europe and European Youth Policy’

  • Barbara Stauber: ‘Transitions to parenthood under a gender-perspective: (inter-)national findings and consequences for German youth policy’

  • Jan Strobanek: ‘Problem youth or potential? Life situations and educational processes of young ‘disadvantaged’ people in their transitions from school to work’

 More information at the Curatorship's website: www.bundesjugendkuratorium.de


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