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Laboratoire d'Economie et de Sociologie du travail (LEST)

Laboratory of economy and sociology of work


35 Avenue Jules Ferry - 13626 Aix en Provence cedex

Téléphone : (33) 04 42 37 85 00

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Claire Bidart

Location: City/Country

Aix en Provence

Main theme

Youth sociology and transition process to adulthood

Keywords area of work

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young people; teenagers; transition to adulthood; social integration

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

The LEST is a Mixed Research Unit of the CNRS, the Université de la Méditerranée and the Université de Provence since January 2000.


Initially, the LEST was a separate research unit of the CNRS. It was established in 1969 to reinforce French research on work and its evolution.

Its aim is still the development of research on work, employment, training programmes and innovation in the social sciences and humanities.

For its foundation, and despite the constant renewal of researchers and research objects, the LEST relies on the following methodological principles that are highly valued by its members : pluridisciplinarity, methodological pluralism, comparisons at different scales, contextualization, iteration between empiricism and theory ...

Running projects

The focus of the scientific agenda of the LEST for the period 2008-2011 is the "Recomposition of Norms of Labour, Employment and Skills". Its aim is to detail the questions that emerged from the former scientific agenda through the analysis of "Changes in Market Society". It is mainly based on the content and orientation of one of the transversal axis of the 2004-2007 research programme developed from the results of researches conducted by all LEST Programmes. This tightening of the main research theme is the result of work undertaken by this axis and, namely, of the awareness that significant changes have taken place in the organization of labour market and market production and in the configuration of actors that reconstitutes it along new normative perspectives.


Claire Bidart is, for example, in charge of longitudinal qualitative survey by sample group calls « Socialization and social integration » which concerns social networks and transition to adulthood. This survey focuses on a sample group of 87 young peoples who have been interviewed once every three years (1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007). Claire Bidard study their progression toward adulthood, interactions between their different life circles (studies, work, couple, family, leisure, dwelling) and articulations between personal network progression and social integration pathways.

Relevant Publications

Bidart C., Pelissier A., Entre parents et enfants : liens et relations à l'épreuve du cheminement vers la vie adulte, [Between parents and children : links and relationship in the framework of transition to adulthood] Recherches et prévisions, septembre, 2007.

Bidart C., Pellissier A., Copains d'école, copains de travail : évolution des modes de sociabilité d'une cohorte de jeunes (School friends and work friends : evolution of sociability in a sample of young people], Réseaux 2, n°115, 2002.

Bidart C., Les jeunes et leurs petits mondes: relations, cercles sociaux, nébuleuses, [Young people and their littles words : relationships, social circles, nebula]Cahiers de la MRSH, Université de Caen, n°5, 1996.

Bidart C. (dir.), Devenir adulte aujourd'hui. Perspectives internationales, [To become adults today: international perspectives], L'Harmattan, 2006.


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