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Indications of contents


Centre for European and regional Youth Research(CERYS)

Chair of politology FF UCM in Trnava


Ladislav Macháček director

Radoslav Stefancik -  programme coordinator

Eva Podoláková - programme coordinator

Viera Žuborová - assistant programme coordinator

Jaroslav Mihalik - programme coordinator

Location: City/Country

Trnava, Slovakia



Main theme

1) Civic participation

2) Political participation

3) Youth political elite

Keywords area of work

(10 max)

 Individualisation, civic and political participation, ethnocultural diversity, social integration, first voters, youth assotiation

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

CERYS (Center of European and Regional Youth Research in Trnava, Slovakia). The mission of the project is to build up a network of Youth Research in Slovakia. Most interesting topics: European, national and regional identity, youth and work, participation and information, leisure activies, youth work in the communities.

Youth and European Identity(2002), Political Participation Young People in Europe(2004)


Running projects

UP2YOUTH 2006-2009-www.syrs.org

An FP7-SSH collaborative research project (2008-2011): Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities:
Nations between States along the New Eastern Borders of the European Union

Students as  Firstvoters: Voting to European Parliament 2009 www.sepeu.sk


Relevant Publications

Young People in Bratislava and Prague: National and Supra-National Identities / Ladislav           Macháček.  In: Sociológia : Slovak sociological review. - ISSN 0049-1225. - Roč. 36, č. 3    (2004), s. 195- 217.

From totality to pluralistic democracy : a sociologist and sociology in the course of social change in Slovakia / Ladislav Macháček. In: Autobiographies of Transformation : Lives in Central and Eastern Europe / ed. Mike F. Keen, Janusz L. Mucha. - London : Routledge,       2006. - ISBN 0-415-37651-3. - S. 70-85.

Jugendforschung in den Prozessen der europäischen Integration / Ladislav Macháček.   In:        Forum 21 : European Journal on Youth Policy : Revue Européenne de politique de jeunesse : Europäische Zeitschrift für Jugendpolitik. - ISSN 1611-1377. - No. 7-8 (2006), S. 138-143.

Student School Councils: An Impulse for Non-formal Education for Democracy in             Slovakia / Ladislav Macháček. In: Kultura i Edukacja. - ISSN 1230-266X. - No. 4 (2006),            pp. 31-45.



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