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Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (PAIRFAM)



Prof. Dr. Johannes Huinink, Dr. Michael Feldhaus (University of Bremen), Dr. Laura Castiglioni (University of Mannheim), Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nauck (University of Chemnitz), Prof. Dr. Sabine Walper (Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich)

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Main theme

Young parenthood

Keywords area of work

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establishing and structuring of intimate relationships, timing and spacing of parenthood, intergenerational relationships, parenting and child development, family dynamics in social networks

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The project 'Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics' (PAIRFAM) is a representative panel study for analyzing intimate relationships and family dynamics in Germany.

Running projects

Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (PAIRFAM)

duration: period of 14 waves; first wave in 2008

Relevant Publications

Feldhaus, Michael/Huinink, Johannes: Panel Analysis of Initimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (PAIRFAM) Why we need it and what it is about. Universität Bremen. Workingpaper No. 6. 2006


Steinbach, Anja/Kopp, Johannes: Explaining the Frequency of Contact between Generations in Germany. TU Chemnitz, Workingpaper No. 8  2007.




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Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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