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The University of Ljubljana is partner in working group concerned with Young Parenthood.
The Centre for Social Psychology deals with the analysis and evaluation of activities, practices, value orientations, and of institutions that belong to the micro-sphere of everyday life. Research programme of the Centre for Social Psychology includes (a) youth studies: the characteristics and changes in the process of growing up at the turn of the 21st century, shaping of and changes in the meaning of youth and young people, changes in value orientations and life styles of young people; (b) the study of specific everyday practices: identity studies, life styles, psychology of communication and interaction, consumer practices, eating habits, obsession with body and image; (c) the study of specific population groups: youths, women, people with special needs, the factors that influence social inclusion/exclusion, the process of stereotyping and marginalization; (d) the study of changes in life courses: changes in the process of growing up, transition from youth to adulthood, and aging. The methodological approach combines fundamental theoretical and empirical studies of representative samples of target populations since the early 1990s.

Mirjana Ule, professor. Fields of expertise: youth, unemployment, social policy.
Alenka Svab, phd, ass. prof. Fields of expertise: family and gender.
Metka Kuhar, phd. Fields of expertise: psychology of communication, youth.
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Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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