Life projects for unaccompanied migrant minors
- Recommendation Rec(2007)9 and explanatory memorandum (30/04/2008)


The Recommendation Rec(2007)9 on life projects for unaccompanied migrant minors stresses the importance of placing the best interests of the child at the heart of all government policy and practice in this area. A life project is an individual tool based on a joint undertaking between the child and the relevant authorities for a limited duration. It defines the child's future prospects, promotes his or her best interests without discrimination and provides a long-term response to his or her needs. Each project aims to develop the capacities of the child, allowing him or her to acquire and strengthen the skills necessary to become independent, responsible and active in society. Life projects should seek to promote the social integration of the child and his or her personal and cultural development, as well as to open access to housing, health, studies, vocational training and employment. The recommendation is also aimed at improving the capacities of member states to manage migration of unaccompanied migrant children. It underlines the importance of co-operation between all the countries involved and co-ordination by the relevant authorities.  

ISBN :   978-92-871-6409-4

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