Regular European Youth Report?

On 25th of May, the European Council of Education, Youth and Culture Ministers has launched the conclusions of its meeting on 24/25 May 2007 in which the Council considers the establishment of a regular European Youth Report as a tool to enhance the structured dialogue between key players in the youth policy field. 

The Council stresses the necessity to include young people in an active way into such an endeavour: "A regular European Youth Report on the situation of young people in Europe could help o analyse and draw attention to young people's concerns and their quality of life, aswell as the development of youth policies in Europe. As part of the structured dialogue, oung people should actively contribute to the reporting exercise. The Reports should be viewed as visible incentives to trigger discussions according to their thematic priorities."

The full text of the conclusions can be found on the website of the Council.


Last Updated ( Friday, 05 September 2008 )