Generating Alternatives conference, Sep. 08

Generating Alternatives: New Horizons for youth work, participation and democracy

Conference on 11th - 14th September organised by the Scottish Centre for Youth Work Studies

The active engagement of young people in strengthening their own democratic entitlements is crucial to generating alternative democratic and participatory projects that increase their capacity to think critically, take transformative action and challenge social injustice.

The international conference aims to:

  • Generate alternative modes of developing transformative practice with young people.

  • Articulate ways of using the existing constructs within contemporary theoretical and social discourses to challenge and change current practice and structures so that young people can be meaningfully engaged and empowered.

  • Contribute to emerging ethical, emotional, social and intellectual discourses that build on democratic principles of rights, justice, equality and difference. 

More information including dates for submission of abstracts and conference themes:

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