"Children and Migration: identities, mobilities and belonging(s)", May 2008

Conference: "Children and Migration: identities, mobilities and belonging(s)", 9-11th April 2008, University College Cork, Ireland

Main Themes include:

  • Comparative approaches to children's experiences of different migration regimes, eg, children's experiences of forced migration and asylum-seeking processes, children in labour migrant families, experiences of documented/undocumented status in different national contexts, children and internal migration, separated children
  • Children's transnational experiences; transnational families and lifestyles (including families fragmented by international migration, as well as mobile global elites, and return migrant families)
  • Children's perspectives on ethnic, migrant and other identities, and their experiences of racialisation, integration, and peer networks (across different social spaces such as home, school, neighbourhood, and public spaces)
  • Cross-cultural research methods and ethics in research on children and migration
  • Analyses of policy responses to the needs of migrant children and youth, including education policies and practices incorporating intercultural dimensions
  • Parenting in immigrant and ethnic minority families, children's roles in migrant families, children's participation in migration decision-making

Deadline for submission of abstracts (max. 250 words) is 31st October 2007.

More information: http://migration.ucc.ie/children/2008conferencecall.html

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