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International Research
Research institutions and interesting projects
  Link   Demographic Research
Published by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research; free demographic research papers and related material.
  Link   Global Employment trends for Youth
Report prepared by ILO
  Link   World Migration Map
Friendly web application to retrieve information on migratory flows in European countries
  Link   Pushing the Boundaries: Critical International Perspectives on Child and Youth Participation
Current issue of the journal "Children, Youth and Environments" dealing with new developments in youth participation
  Link   International Symposium on "State - Children - Family"
An international and interdisciplinary research project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, on the historical and cultural preconditions for a harmonisation of educational systems in Europe. Main focus: 'time-politics'; East-West.
  Link   Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning Disadvantaged Youth
A study carried out in the framework of the EGRIS on policies against youth unemployment and early school leaving for the European Commission's DG Employment in 13 countries.
  Link   ASPEN
ASPEN is a research network on active social policies in Europe
  Link   The Network on Transition to Adulthood
This Research Network was established in 2000 to examine the changing nature of early adulthood, a phase of life that has been largely neglected by social and behavioral scientists and policy makers.

Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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