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Indications of contents


Centre for Population Studies http://cps.bas.bg/english/index-en.html


Tatjana Kotzeva, Marta Sugareva, Vetka Zekova, Dora Kostova

Location: City/Country

Sofia, Bulgaria

Main theme

2) Young parenthood

Keywords area of work

(10 max)

Fertility research, attitudes toward marriage and children

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

The Centre for Population Research is a unit of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for theoretical and empirical studies. The foci of their studies are the reproductive processes and the impact of social, economic, psychological, cultural and territorial factors. They do research, consultancy and forecasts on a wide range of issues such as reproductive health, family and marital dynamics, sexual culture, gender relations, family planning and family policy, emigration. They also train doctoral students on subjects such as demography, statistics, family sociology and family policy.

Running projects

Changes in the marriage rate and fertility rate in Bulgaria (cohort analysis) 2007-2009

Specific Features of population reproduction in Eastern European countries after World War Two, 2007-2008

Socio-demographic factors of sterility, 2007

Relevant Publications


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