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Related Research

The UP2YOUTH working group on youth participation has collected a number of research centres that are currently doing or recently have been carrying out research with a focus on the agency perspective in this field.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather the selection is meant to show who in the field is working on the crossroads of the different research angles that UP2YOUTH is all about: the civic participation area with a special focus on the agency perspective.

Please click on the links below to get an extended profile of each presented institute or see our Research Field Map.

Institute of information and prognosis in education system (UIPS)
"Ivan Hadjiyski" Institute for Social Values & Structures
Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (ICS)
Centro de Estudos em Migrações e Minorias Étnicas (CEMME)
The Resource Center for Ethnocultural Diversity (EDRC)
Research Institute for the Quality of Life
Centre for European and regional Youth Research (CERYS)
Centre d’étude de la vie politique française (CEVIPOF)
Department of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork
Centre de Recherche Education et Formation (CREF)
Istituto IARD
NGO Cittadinanzattiva (Active citizenship)
Research Center on Economy and Statistics (CREST)

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